Q: Can Health Coaching really be as effective as medication for treating and managing chronic illnesses?

A: Yes! It has been shown that lifestyle changes are comparable to medication when it comes to treating and managing conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Additionally, even in severe conditions where medication is necessary, lifestyle changes are often recommended to improve the effectiveness of the medications.*

Q: Is Health Coaching a more cost effective treatment option than traditional medication?

A: It depends, but often times yes! The average American spends up to $1,200 per year** on medications. With annual prices lower than that (ask about out our All-In Package), Health Coaching is viewed as a more cost effective treatment option that produces similar benefits (without unwanted side effects).

Q: If I begin Health Coaching, will I need to do it for the rest of my life?

A: No! Health Coaching is rooted in the art of behavior change. The hope with our Personal Process Program is for you to create and develop good habits. Your Coach is there to support you as these habits begin to take hold. You may enjoy the guidance & support and wish to continue, but the hope is that by the end of your initial investment in your Process with us, you will be fully equipped to lead a healthy lifestyle on your own. A one-time investment can be enough to instill healthy habits. That means the annual cost of treatment can decrease significantly after your initial investment. With medication alone, it can be difficult to decrease the annual cost of treatments over time.

Q: Is lifestyle change difficult? Can I do it?

A: Yes it can be difficult and yes you can do it! With our Personal Process Programs, we focus on small wins. We build the program around your strengths so that it is as simple as possible for you, but simple doesn't necessarily mean easy. You have to hold yourself accountable and develop positive habits. Life will get in the way at times, but don't worry! Your Process Program will prepare you for such obstacles and help you develop plans to overcome them. YOU ARE capable of making meaningful behavior changes!!

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"Unlike health fads that come and go, health coaching has strong evidence behind it backing its effectiveness for improving health and well-being"


"Patients who have received health coaching yield a two to seven percentage point increase in medication adherence."


"Health coaching led to significant reductions in outpatient and total expenditures for high-risk plan enrollees"

* Ornish, 2020

** Bloomberg, 2020