We know that building good habits takes time. The length of our Health Coaching packages were designed with that in mind. Choose between our Intro Package (3 months), Commitment Package (9 months) and All-In Package (12 months). The following is included in each of these packages.


Weekly phone or video calls with your Coach! Our Coaching Calls are designed to help you stay accountable & focused on your Process!


With weekly support, your health and wellness will stay on the forefront of your mind. You will work with your coach to develop your own Personal Process Program.


Together, we will explore the habits you wish to add, promote, or reduce. Then we will create a plan, centered around your strengths, that will serve as a roadmap to get you there. 


Your Personal Process Program is your roadmap. Starting with our first Coaching Call, we will work with you to lay the foundation for your very own Process Program.


We believe that the best way to establish meaningful change is through small wins that consistently grow.


Your Process Program will emphasize these small wins so that before you know it, they become the big wins.


We believe movement to be an important Pillar of Wellness, and we want all of our Coaching Clients to have access to affordable, safe, and convenient means of incorporating movement into their lives.

With your purchase of a Health Coaching Package, you will also receive a $50 off Coupon which can be used on our Online Movement Programs. The programs are delivered with detailed videos and descriptions of each movement.

For added accountability to your Online Program, ask about our Virtual Personal Training. Meet up with your Coach through video chat and receive the same expertise and accountability as you would in person, with added affordability and convenience.

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