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Joseph Gorab, M.S.

Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

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Hi, my name is Joe, but you can call me Coach G!


I took a long personal and professional journey to get here. I learned a lot from all of my experiences and I am grateful for each of them because they got me to where I am now. I think it was in those experiences where the guiding principles of Mind In Motion Coaching were born.


I began my career as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Exercise Scientist, and Personal Trainer. I enjoyed my time spent with clients and got great satisfaction from helping them reach their goals. I appreciate movement and believe it to be one of the six Pillars of Wellness.


With my career and interests so heavily focused on movement, naturally I studied it and experimented to find out how to use this powerful tool to enhance health and performance. As much as I studied and learned more about movement, I came to a disappointing conclusion. 


Movement alone often times isn’t enough.


This conclusion drove me to become a Health Coach, and ultimately create Mind In Motion. Our guiding principle is this; When you focus on the small wins for long enough, they become the big wins. I exercise this principle in my own life and I believe that it is a simple, effective, and powerful roadmap for developing small habits that build into meaningful improvements in overall health.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to working with you!


Parampreet Singh, Esq.

B.A., J.D.

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Parampreet is a lawyer by trade and entrepreneur by nature.


“I understand the chaos of daily life and the difficulty of maintaining a healthy fitness routine in the midst of it all. Our company helps individuals, regardless of age or health status, trust their process and improve their health.”

Parampreet focuses his practice on helping businesses operate and grow by navigating difficult legal and compliance issues, developing creative solutions for operational growth targets, and providing objective advice and counseling with respect to all aspects of the business. He has experience in a variety of legal industries, including corporate law, business law, employment law, tax law, privacy law, healthcare law, education law, and medical cannabis law.


Parampreet has over a decade of real-world legal and practical experience, in both the private sector and the public sector. His experience includes working for various state and federal elected officials, including a United States Senator from New Jersey and the Governor of New Jersey, working for various private entities, including a global technology company and regional healthcare institutions, as well as running his own successful campaign for public office.


Parampreet takes pride in engaging with, and giving back to, the local community. Currently, he provides pro bono legal services to veterans and to victims of domestic violence and abuse. Previously, he has served on the Board of Education of his hometown, Saddle Brook, NJ, as a Trustee and as the Board’s Vice President.


Outside of work, Parampreet enjoys being active by engaging in group activities and individual workouts. He is an avid soccer, basketball, and football fan, and played soccer and basketball competitively in the past. He loves dogs, traveling, and discovering new music.