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Our name is strongly rooted in both of our core services.


As for training, the name comes from the idea of moving mindfully. It is universally accepted that there are certain foods that are superior and universal among strong diets. Exercise is no different- there are superior movements. We focus on those movements in our classes. Moving mindfully often means being efficient with your time spent moving - i.e. getting your heart rate up while also learning a valuable movement skill.


Through our coaching services, Mind In Motion emphasizes the importance of mindset. Your mind is the driving force behind all of your behavior. We focus on your mind, training it to understand more and thus, fear less. We want you to understand that your Mind is In control of your Motion. With that understanding comes power, power you may not be aware that you have.


Through our logo, we hope to successfully depict the Mind In Motion philosophy. The mind comes first, and the motion follows. You can see the athlete climbing up the “steps”. This signifies our core philosophy, which has roots in everything we do:


Small, sustainable changes that build over time into something bigger.


Sustainability is key. We strive for lifestyle changes. There are so many ways we can move our bodies, we all should be able to find at least one way to make it enjoyable.


We should put our Mind In Motion.

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