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I have known Joe, aka Coach G, for more than 5 years, and in that time he’s shown himself to be an honest, kind, hard-working, and supportive coach. Over the last 6 months I’ve been training with Coach G and have seen significant progress in my strength and physique. More importantly I’ve noticed improvements in my training mindset and overall understanding of my body and how to intelligently progress in the direction I’d like to go.

Joe offers well-rounded fitness training encompassing customized, flexibly structured workout plans, educated nutritional guidance, and a deep understanding of the importance of both physical and mental health. He believes in teaching his clients why they are doing a particular exercise, not just how to do it. Coach G’s guidance and knowledge base will help you understand what to do to become more physically and mentally fit, as well as how to achieve sustainable long-term health.

Jon D.

I found Joe 6 months ago after my original personal trainer took a new job at a different facility.
Although I was not happy with the change at first it ended up being a blessing in disguise!
Joe is fantastic and has worked very hard to put together an individualized program specific to me and my goals.
He incorporates strength and conditioning components as well as a cardio workout in each of my sessions which has helped me grow stronger physically and mentally. I look forward to my sessions with him because I know they will not only challenge me but make me work to my limits which I didn’t even know I was capable of. Joe has a way of motivating me even when things seem too difficult. He’s a great coach and a fantastic trainer. I highly recommend his services and I’m excited to continue working with him.

Christina G.

Joe is an awesome coach to work with. He is a very positive individual and I enjoy working with him. In my training, he made sure to connect with me on a personal level. He helped me go out of my comfort zone and taught me exercises that I wasn't even aware of.  I am grateful to him for his continuous support. I had two surgeries on my left knee and he adjusted the workouts accordingly. I had a mental barrier that he helped eliminate. He always motivated me and I loved that. You don't need to look further for a coach to work with! I always look forward to working with him!

Dhiraj K.

I've been enjoying the online training. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but I LOVE IT. Coach G creates a plan for me that is individualized for my needs, and he gives me the luxury of deciding the days on which I can do it. The virtual workouts, done via video chat, have been very helpful as Coach G is able instruct me on proper form. There are some days that I do not want to workout and having my coach (virtually) there has been a great help and experience. Because of COVID-19, I do not want to workout with people in person and this has been a great resource for me to continue to stay fit and healthy while mitigating risks and increasing convenience. Thanks Coach!!

Nicole B.

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